About Me

I am currently a Senior at George Mason University studying Information Technology with a concentration in Web Development. I am also studying for a minor in Geographic Information Systems. I enjoy programming as a hobby and a job. Some things that interest me are: Web development, Mobile development, Graphic Design, and Photography. I currently live, work, and study in the Northern Virginia/Washington D.C. area. You can find out more about me and my experience in my résumé.

Web development

I have many years of experience with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. I have worked with Django, Angular, and Java/JSP frameworks. I have experience creating and utilising REST/JSON APIs.

Android development

I have created multiple Android applications from the ground up. I have experience with implementing Google's Play services as well as outside APIs and SDKs.


I have worked with as well as implemented continuous integration tools such as Jenkins. I use version control (git) for all of my projects.


I have experience using Python in Django and Tornado web development, as well as using Python as a scripting language for different utilities such as ArcGIS.


Java is my most fluent language. I have used Java for Android and web developement as well as native Java swing graphics and command line programs. I am familiar with servlets and JSPs.


Ubuntu is my daily driver. I can navigate the unix command-line like the back of my hand. I have set up many Linux enviroments for many different uses.


Below are many of the projects I have created and worked on.

  • Echelon: A Spotify Jukebox
    Echelon: A Spotify Jukebox
  • PlayUnified.org (Perfect Sense Digital)
  • AllSaintsNCC.org
  • Mvix Andros/Elite
    Mvix Andros/Elite
  • Who's Home (VTHacks II)
  • Roomlist Version 2
    SRCTRoomlist v2
  • Roomlist Version 1
    GMURoomlist v1
  • Carbon Dating
    Carbon-14 Dating
  • Generosime
    Generosi.me (PennApps 2015s)

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